Saturday, November 29, 2014

if we could

Then Jesus said to his disciples...

If any of you wants to be my follower

     you must put aside your selfish ambition,

     shoulder your cross,

     & follow Me.

If you try to keep your life for yourself,

     you will lose it.

But if you give up your life for Me,

     you will find it.

And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world

     but you lose your own soul in the process?

Is anything worth more than your soul?

Matthew 16:24-26

I wonder what Robin Williams would say to us about those 3 verses, if he could speak to us today?

     Or maybe Steve Jobs?

     Or Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

     How about Joan Rivers?

     Maya Angelou?

     Jan Hooks?

     Oscar de la Renta?

I wonder what they would tell us about what is really important in life,

     & what's just "dust in the wind"?

I wonder what they would tell us they would have pursued during their lives if they knew then what they know now?

And I wonder how they would advise, counsel, and encourage each of us, individually?

If you are around my age (64) what 3 questions would you ask them?

If you're young - teens & 20's - what 3 things would you like to know?

And if you're middle aged (whatever that is now!), what are 3 things you'd like input on?

If you'd like, share those in the comments belong.

Jesus said that real life was found is letting go of our lives & trusting Him with them.

Do you know someone who has done that?

Ask them what it's like.

Just a thought....

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