Monday, November 17, 2014

one way

There is only 1 God & 1 Mediator who can reconcile God & people.

He is the man Christ Jesus.

1Timothy 2:5

well, so much for the thinking of "all faiths lead to God".

the thing is, for some odd reason we've developed this arrogant, winner take all attitude w/ this reality.

it's kind of like "we know the only way to God, so nanee, nanee, boo, boo..."

whereas for me, it is plain to see that God came to live among us in the person of Jesus.

and as a result, because of Jesus' life we are able to have a connection w/ God.

and as far as I can tell, this is the only religion that offers a proactive God who succinctly offers a means for us to intimately relate to the holy God of the universes.

but I don't quite understand why many of us are so bloomin' arrogant about it.

it would kinda be like walking into the Georgia Dome with an SRO crowd of people

     all of whom were suffering from the final stages of cancer,

     where each & every one of them had less than 2 weeks to live,

and saying to them over the PA & jumbotron...

     "y'all are trying all kinds of treatments for your cancers, but I know what is absolutely & positively the sure fire one & only cure - I'm all that & a bag of chips!"

what any sane person would do is humbly start giving it to the first person they meet, & then the next, & then the next, & then the next until every last one of those people had been introduced to the cure.

doesn't it make sense that we who know Jesus as The Way act in the same way,

     sharing this incredible truth in a humble way,

     since we aren't the ones making the way for all to connect with God,

     we are just the messengers of the One who makes the way?

(I hope all that made sense...)

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