Monday, May 23, 2016

standing out again

I was reading through the daily entries in the journal I'm keeping for 2016.

I remember how it used to may be want to puke when people would talk about all the insight they were writing about in their journals.

I usually used to think that I wish I could see some of that insight showing itself in the life of the people who were so condescendingly sharing their deep(er) insights.

But here I am, sharing what I wrote down in the past few months – I hope I'm not condescending whenever I do this.

I don't think I'm better than other people just because I journal every day – I journal every day because I can't remember where I've read in the Bible from day to day!

And if I don't write down the things that might stand out on a page on a certain day or date, there is no way I'm gonna remember them unless I write them down.


I was leafing through my entries during this year so far, & the following verse really stood out one the entries I read.

I read Psalm 50 on April 9 & verse 15 stood out.

Little did I know how much it resonate with me on May 22.

That's the good thing about the Bible – ya just never know when what you read in it is gonna mean something important to ya.

I enjoy seeing the subtle differences translators & paraphrases give when they do a verse or passage.

It's like looking at a multi-faceted diamond.

Maybe you need this verse today as much as I did last night.

Btw, it's easy to see the treatments of 1 verse or a passage on the website I use:

And no, they didn't pay me to tell you that! ;-) LOL

Psalm 50:15

Trust Me in your times of troubles,

& I will rescue you,

& you will give Me glory. (NLT, 1st ed.)

(dan note: this is the translation I read from every day.)

Call on Me in the day of trouble;

I will rescue you,

and you shall honor and glorify Me. (Amplified)

Cry out to me whenever you are in trouble;

I will deliver you,

then you will honor me. (CEB)

God says,

Call me when trouble comes.

I will help you,

and you will honor me. (ERV)

and call upon me in the day of trouble;

I will deliver you,

and you shall glorify me. (ESV)

I want you to trust me in your times of trouble,

so I can rescue you

and you can give me glory. (TLB)

And call for help when you’re in trouble;

I’ll help you,

and you’ll honor me. (The Message)

When you are in trouble,

call for Me.

I will come and rescue you,

and you will honor Me. (The Voice)

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