Saturday, September 3, 2016

let's live like we believe it

In the last chapter of Revelation,

chapter 22,

in the next to the last verse,

verse 20,

after all the prophesy of all 22 chapters have been presented,

John quotes Jesus one more time...

Yes, I am coming soon.”

I went to & checked out that verse in dozens of different translations & paraphrases they have there.

I went there half expected Jesus' last prophetic words in this hugely prophetic book of John's vision to be translated differently by different people & groups.


They all pretty much translate it the same way...

I am coming soon.”

This week I put in my FB status, “ 'I am coming soon.' Jesus”

Now, I don't pretend to know when Jesus is coming back.

We ARE 2000+ years closer to Jesus' return than John was, exiled, & stuck out there on the Isle of Patmos.

I just have a sense – not an overwhelming sense – just a very quiet, unassuming sense – that Jesus is coming soon.

Take that for what it's worth.

I have no definition of what “soon” means, nor am I able to quantify how long “soon” is in relations to Jesus.

I just have this sense - & it's a sense I've had for quite a few years – that Jesus is coming back soon.


It would make sense that if we thought Jesus was returning soon, we'd be more intentional about telling folks about how He made a way for people to establish a connection with with God.

And we'd be encouraging people to make that connection.

I don't believe this legitimizes us to become “Bible bangers” - people who spreading doom & gloom.

At the same time, this isn't a good time to slack off telling people about the possibilities found in connecting with God.

What if the people who influenced you & me to become followers of Jesus had had a lax & unintentional view of sharing the way made for each of us to connect with God through Jesus?

I don't think I'd be writing blogs every morning about my day to day life as a Christ follower.

Nor would you want to read them.

Jesus is coming soon.”

Let's live like we believe it.

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