Saturday, April 19, 2014

who do we hangt with?

Tax collectors & other notorious sinners often came to listen to Jesus teach.

This made the Pharisees & teachers of religious law complain that he was associating with such despicable people;

     even eating with them!

Luke 15:1-2

Everything about Jesus - His love, His words, His attitude - was such that people were drawn to Him,

     even some of the people that the society & culture looked down on & despised.

Fast forward to today...

When we become Christ followers, we believe that Jesus lives in us & we live in Him.

And we believe the Holy Spirit resides in us, empowering us to be & do what Jesus is & does, & even greater things.

So, let's ask ourselves this...

those "notorious sinners" that surround us everywhere, everyday,

     Are they drawn to the love flowing from us for them?

     Are they drawn to hear more of the things we say as a result of this God who lives inside us?

     Are they drawn to our very attitude toward them?

Probably not.

Our tepid little christian lives are so prissy & precious,

     we worry what people would think if they saw us hanging with what they thought were unsavory people.

     we are more comfortable being with people who are "like minded".

     we forget SO quickly that if the people who impacted us for Jesus had had our attitude, we would still be going slam to hell!

     and we're just so self-absorbed, we simply don't want to take the time to develop a relationship we see as a possible dead end.

In short, we just don't give a...

   well, you know.

So, how do we become someone who draws "notorious sinners"?

Well, Jesus did say, "Seek first..."

     iow, if we get close to Jesus, walk intimately with Him, allow Him to put His finger on the very parts of ourselves we least want Him to touch...

     then the Christ-like parts of us will simply begin to show.

And we prolly should remember that Jesus loves those "notorious sinners" just as much as He loves us.

     And He sees as much potential in them that He sees in us.

     And He dreamed just as big (or bigger) dreams for them as He did for us.

     And He...

Well, you get the idea.

All around us, every day, there are countless people with whom we can simply share the life we've found in Jesus.

     No, we don't have to be a Bible banger.

     We don't have to fix them, or "bring them to a point of repentance"

All we have to be & do is what Jesus was & did...

     express His love,

     share His loving words,

     and show His loving attitude.

What not give it a try?

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