Sunday, March 13, 2016

read with an open heart

I thought I'd take a very familiar passage,

often hackneyed,

& kind of deconstruct it,

stripping away the imagery,

& go for the essence of what David was trying to say.

The sections enclosed in parentheses are the parts I've amplified & or paraphrased.

Don't allow yourself to fall into just another droning & boring reading of these verses.

Let the beauty what David is saying wash over you.

(I have a stupendously kind & infinitely loving guide – it is the Lord);

   (As a result) I have all that I need.

(His ability to bring calm to my heart helps me live in a beautiful place);

   He (daily creates a peaceful, stress free environment between us).

He renews my strength.

He guides me along right paths,
   (& His love & guidance in my life shows to the world how incredible He is).
Even when I (go) through (dark, depressing seasons, seasons that feel like they will destroy me),

I will not be afraid,

for (You, O Lord are right there with me, in it).
Your (wisdom & loving guidance) protect and comfort me.

You (help me overcome people who are always bullying or harming me).

You (make me feel singled out by giving me so much attention).

My (life is filled with Your constant) blessings.

Surely (for all of my life) Your goodness and unfailing love will (always be proactive, seeking me out, connecting with me, even when I don't feel it or want it),

& I will (stay connected to You always, & one day go to live with You,) forever.

Psalm 23

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