Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jesus in me

When Jesus returned to the house where he was staying, the crowds began to gather again,

     & soon He & his disciples couldn't even find time to eat.

(Mark 3:20)

It seems that wherever Jesus was, He drew a crowd.

We all might reply, "But He was the Son of God - of course He would draw a crowd."

As followers of Jesus, don't we all believe that Jesus lives inside of each of us?

And if we spend time with this Person who is so intimately connected with us, then some of Himself in us should start to become obvious to those around us?

Is it safe to say that if we are in Jesus & He is in us, then the love, compassion, strength, courage, humility, gentleness, kindness, & joy that is Jesus should not only so permeate us but unconsciously should overflow to those around us?

And if these identities & characteristics of Jesus flow from us, wouldn't it also follow that people will want to be around us to around those facets of Jesus, just like they did when He was physically here on earth?

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