Saturday, August 20, 2016

3 miracles

Yesterday, our daughter, Hannah, got married.

I cannot quantify the panoply of emotions that played through my mind.

I saw 3 miracles yesterday.

I was reminded of the miracle that God gave her to us.

31 years ago, if Lynn & I had gotten the child we deserved, she would have had 2 heads & horns.

Instead, He gave us Hannah.

The 2nd miracle I saw was the godly woman she has become.

Considering the ups & downs of living with 2 strong personalities as mine & Lynns, well, it's a miracle she turned out so dynamically well.

And she has become a person who loves people well with the love of Jesus – a love that so obviously is channeled through her.

And she is loved so very very much in return for her willingness to share His love.

And the 3rd miracle is that God led a tremendous man to come her way, who fell in love with her, & with whom she felt safe to fall in long.

To see their open, transparent, & strong playful love yesterday was one of the most amazing blessings of my life.

And once again I am reminded that the happiest day of your life really isn't the day you get married.

The happiest day of your life is when you child gets married.

Thank You, God for Hannah, & for Lance, for the way they love you, for the way they love each other, & for how they now get to do that dance of love, together, with You.

Yesterday was the happiest day of Lynn's & my life.

Thank You, God...

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