Thursday, August 11, 2016

don't be a jerk

Be on guard.

Stand true to what you believe.

Be courageous.

Be strong.

And everything you do must be done in love. (NLT

1 Corinthians 16:13-14


stay alert,

stand tall in the faith,

be courageous,

and be strong.

Let love prevail in your life, words, and actions. (The Voice)

 Keep your eyes open,

hold tight to your convictions,

give it all you’ve got,

be resolute,

and love without stopping. (The Message)

Be on your guard,

stand firm in the faith,

live courageously,

be strong!

Let everything that you do be done in love. (J B Phillips)

These 4 translations are quoting from Paul's first letter to the followers of Jesus who lived in Corinth.

These are some of his final instructions to them in the letter.

He tells them to be strong & courageous.

He does not tell them to be jerks.

These days, when people think of Christians, a lot of the time they think about what jerks we are.

And in many ways, they're right.

Somewhere along the way in these modern times we seem to have forgotten to practice simple good manners in tell people about Jesus.

It's almost as if there's a premium on being obnoxious when dealing with people who do not follow Jesus.

Paul ends verse 14 by simply stating that no matter our interaction level with someone, LOVE should be the highest expression of our connection with people.


NOT being a jerk.

Think about it...

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