Monday, January 20, 2014


Luke 10:3a Go now...

It seems God has been saying "Go..." to me for at least 4 years now.

If I look back in my journals, it may be longer than that - maybe 6 years. defines "go" these ways...

     to move or proceed, especially to or from something.

     to leave a place; depart.

     to keep or be in motion; function or perform as required.


yes, so has been my life these many years.

do I regret taking up His mandate to "go"?



because I know we are all doing one of 2 things in life - we are either moving forward or we are dying.

(it's based on a basic farming principle: plants & animals are either changing & growing, or they are dying.)

we can never stand still - we can never maintain a static place or position.

God bids us to always go.

When we hear that, many of us think that means "go to deepest,darkest Africa"

(which, ironically, in view of Lynn 9 years in Kenya as a Southern Baptist medical missionary, that's exactly what we'd LOVE to do!!!)

But we equate going as doing something odious & loathsome.

I think that concept of God stinks.

Go can mean go to the next cubicle at work.

     or the house next door,

     or to the person on the treadmill next to us,

     or to someone or something or somewhere, nearby, close by, a little ways away, or far away.

Proximity is not the issue in going.

Going is the issue in going.

It's about saying yes.

It's about not knowing who what where when or how.

It's about trust.

It's about not know all the answers.

It's about love.

It's about dying.

It's about truly being a servant.

It's about being feet & legs to a mandate to move freely & willingly from this place or point in our lives to another, just because He said so.

My life is no different from yours, or anyone else's.

God has the same mandate for us all...


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