Tuesday, January 21, 2014

keep on

 Luke 11:9 "And so I tell you,

keep on asking,

     and you will receive what you ask for.

Keep on seeking,

     and you will find.

Keep on knocking,

     and the door will be opened to you.

10 For everyone who asks,


Everyone who seeks,


And to everyone who knocks,

     the door will be opened.

The operative words here for me is "keep on".

In what way?

keep on when we're tired.

keep on when no one seems to listen.

keep on where there seems to be no way.

keep on when all hope is gone.

keep on when what we are or do seems fruitless.

keep on when all is lost.

keep on even when under attack.

keep on when people think we just young, or inexperienced, or naive, or overeager, & stupid.

keep on even if what we're being, saying, & doing is thought to be "just a phase we're going through" or seen as a "midlife crisis"

keep on even when people think we're old & useless.

keep on when the ones we love the best abandon us.

keep on even when we've made a mess of things

keep on in success, perhaps the hardest paradigm in which to keep on keeping on.

keep on until we see Jesus.

keep on __________________________________________________ (you fill in the blank.)

I think Jesus was telling us to keep on keeping on because He's with us & for us, all the way, no matter what.

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