Monday, January 12, 2015


This is Jesus speaking here...

No one can serve two masters

For you will hate one & love the other, 

     or be devoted to one & despise the other.

You cannot serve both God & money.

Luke 16:13

I guess it's all about focus - either we're going to focus on God, or we're going to focus on other stuff.

I guess I've lived too long & see too much...

     ...because I've come to think that, in the final analysis, the only thing that REALLY matters in this life is how strongly we focus on God & what He wants us to be & do.

Unfortunately, that's not the main focus of most of the people I know & have known.

And I've continued to see that as problematic for each & every one of them.

It seems that most of us try to have it both ways - one foot in the Kingdom, one foot in the world.

iow, just enough attention to God so we get in the door of heaven when we die, but enough connected to worldly matters to not miss all the fun.

As my friend, Beth White likes to say, salvation is free; all the rest of it costs us everything.

Following Jesus costs us everything bc we have to come to the final point of saying yes to whatever He wants us to be & do, whenever He wants, wherever He wants, with whomever He wants, however He wants.

This is not an easy point at which to arrive.

Nor will it ever be.

But will always be the point we all must come to if we are to have the life He dreamed for us.

Well, I don't know where all that came from!

Think about it today... just a thought...

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