Monday, August 17, 2015

hold on, or let it go?

If you cling to your life,

     you will lose it;

but if you give it up for Me,

     you will find it.

Matthew 10:39

I used to only see the sacrifice in the beginning of this verse, & not the rest.

I only saw that I had to give up my life - let it go - surrender.

What I've come to see is what I get as a result of the truth expressed in this verse.

If I hold fast with a death grip to my hope, dreams, expectations, etc., what I want & hope for isn't going to happen...

     ...simply because of the grasping nature of my attitude.

But if I open my hand to God & give Him all those hopes, dreams, & expectations, that basically opens my life up to whatever God has for me...

     ...iow, my life becomes an entity totally at the disposal of God.

This allows the God of the universes, Someone higher, holier, & more loving than I can ever imagine, to implement into my life the dreams He dreamed for me a gajillion years ago when He dreamed us all up.

So which makes better sense to put our trust in?

     The hopes & dreams of ourselves, equipped with limited vision & VERY finite minds?

     Or the God of the universes who is unimaginably infinite in every aspect of Himself?


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